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To raise the headrest

Pull the headrest upwards to the desired height.

To lower the headrest

Press button 2 and guide the headrest down to the desired height.

To adjust the angle of the headrest

Depending on the vehicle, move section A towards or away from you to the required position.

To adjust side supports B

Depending on the vehicle, sections B can be adjusted independently to the desired position.

To remove the headrest

Raise it to its highest position (tilt the seatback backwards if necessary). Press button 2 and lift the headrest to release it.

To refit the headrest

Check that the headrest rods are clean 3.

Insert the headrest rods into the holes 1 (tilt the seatback backwards if necessary).

Lower the headrest until it locks, press button 2 and lower the headrest as far as it will go.

Check that the headrest is properly locked in place.

The headrest is an important safety component: ensure that it is in place and in the correct position. The distance between your head and the headrest and the distance between the head and section A should be as small as possible.