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REAR LIGHTS: changing bulbs

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Rear light unit A

Remove bolt 1.

The bulbs are under pressure and can break when replaced.

Risk of injury.

Turn the light unit slightly and release it to access the bulb holder 2.

Unclip the bulb holders by rotating them a quarter of a turn.

Unclip the bulbs by pressing them slightly and rotating them a quarter of a turn.

Direction indicator lights 3

Pear-shaped, bayonet type PY 21W bulb.

Side lights and brake lights 4

Pear-shaped, bayonet type P 21/5W bulb.

Rear light unit B

Remove screws 5.

Release the headlight unit.

Turn the bulb holder 6 or 7 and release it.

Replace the bulb concerned.

Refit the bulb holder and secure it by turning.

Check that it is securely mounted.

Reposition the headlight unit and screw it in place.

6 Fog light

(driver’s side only)

Pear-shaped bayonet bulb W16W.

7 Reversing light

Pear-shaped bayonet bulb W16W.

High-level brake light on rear hinged doors

Remove nuts 8.

Remove the light sideways from the outside to access bulb 9.

Pear-shaped, bayonet type P 21W bulb.

High-mounted brake light on tailgate

Remove nuts 10.

Remove the light from the outside to access the bulb 11.

Pear-shaped, bayonet type P 21W bulb.

Number plate lights

The bulb is accessed in the same way for both vehicles with hinged doors and those with the tailgate.

Unclip the light 12 (using a tool such as a flat-blade screwdriver).

Remove the light cover to gain access to the bulb.

Bulb type: W5W.