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If fitted on the vehicle, with the vehicle stationary, the standing start procedure (Launch Control) is a function which permits maximum acceleration.

Note: This function should only be used when the mechanical components have reached their operating temperature.

Heavy use of the system will reduce the service life of the mechanical components (clutch, transmission, etc.).

Because of the acceleration gained, this function should only be used if traffic conditions permit, and in compliance with the local driving regulations. Please ensure all the conditions are met before each use.

Risk of accident or serious injury.

Activating the system

The system is activated by:

- with the engine running, the vehicle stationary and the gear lever in position D;

- depress the brake pedal with the left foot;

- with your left foot still pressing the brake pedal, press the accelerator pedal fully to beyond the point of resistance with your right foot (the engine speed will automatically stabilise);

- within 3 seconds, release the brake pedal for a sporty vehicle start.

Use of this function accelerates wear on the tyres. Please see the information on “Tyres” in Section 5.

Do not use this function on slippery or wet roads.

Risk of loss of control of the vehicle.

Conditions for non-activation of the system

Certain conditions will not enable the system to be activated:

- three successive authorised standing start procedures - beyond this, the function will be disabled for approximately 10 minutes;

- excessive road gradient percentage;

- fault in the vehicle system (ESC, etc.).