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Depending on the vehicle equipment, this function allows you to activate/deactivate and adjust some of the vehicle’s functions.

Vehicles fitted with a multimedia screen.

Accessing the settings menu

With the vehicle stationary, engine running, from the multimedia screen 1 select the “Settings” menu, then the “Vehicle” tab then the “Car configuration” menu to access the various settings.

Adjusting the settings

Select a tab then the function to be modified (the display depends on the vehicle equipment and country):

a) “Driving”:

- Indicator volume.

b) “Access”:

- Release driver’s door;

- Lock doors during driving;

- Opening/closing in hands-free mode;

- Remote locking/Approach unlocking;

- Distance locking sound;

- Silent mode;

- Automatic locking.

c) “Wiping and lighting”:

- Follow-me-home lighting;

- Wiping in reverse;

- Automatic front wiping;

- Wipe after wash.

d) “Welcome”:

- External welcome;

- Automatic fold-out of mirrors;

- Interior welcome;

- Courtesy light auto mode.

Depending on the function, select:

- “ON” or “OFF” to activate or deactivate;


- a duration to adjust the time the lights are switched on (e.g. for the “Follow-me-home lighting” function).

Please refer to the multimedia instructions for further information.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.

Vehicles not fitted with a multimedia screen

Accessing the settings menu on display 2

With the vehicle stationary, press switch 3 as many times as required to reach the “Vehicle” tab. Press repeatedly on the 4 or 5 switch to access the “Settings” menu, then confirm by pressing 6 “OK”.

Adjusting the settings

Navigate using the 4 or 5 control to select the function to be modified and press 6 “OK” to confirm (display may vary according to vehicle equipment and country):


- Language;

- Unit;

- Style;

- Colour.


- Rear windscreen wiping in reverse gear;

- Automatic windscreen wiping;

- Front/rear drip wiping function;

- Exterior welcome.


- Beep volume.


- Lane departure warning sound volume;

- Lane departure warning sensitivity;

- Lane departure warning vibration;

- Lane keeping assist sensitivity;

- Blind spot warning;

- Active braking;

- Speed warning.


- Courtesy light auto mode;

- Automatic follow-me-home lighting;

- Follow-me-home lighting: XX seconds.

f) “ACCESS”:

- Lock doors during driving;

- Opening/closing in hands-free mode;

- Unlock the driver’s door only;

- Automatic re-locking;

- Silent locking;

- Automatic opening/closing;

- Automatic mirror fold-out.

g) “RESET”.

= function activated

< function deactivated

Once a line has been selected, press 6 “OK" to adjust the function.

If you select either “PARKING ASSIST” then “VOLUME”, or “DASHBOARD” then “LANGUAGE”, you will have to make a further selection (sound volume of the parking distance control or instrument panel language). In this case, make your selection and confirm it by pressing 6 “OK”, the selected value is shown by a = in front of the line.

To exit the menu, press 4 or 5 to access “BACK” and confirm by pressing 6 “OK”. It may be necessary to carry out this operation more than once.

The vehicle settings personalisation menu cannot be used when driving. When driving, the instrument panel display switches automatically to trip computer.