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Activating services

For your vehicle’s connected services to work (real-time traffic information, search for POI online, control the vehicle remotely using your smartphone etc.), they must first be activated.

Activating the services also enables remote updating of the system and maps. Refer to the section on “System and Maps update”.

Note: activating the services is free of charge for a specified duration following the delivery of your vehicle.

For further information, please contact an approved dealer.

The manufacturer takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that your personal data is processed in total security.

If the connected services are not yet activated, the multimedia system suggests that you send the activation request to the server by pressing “Connection”, then confirm the request by pressing “Activate” 2.

For more information, press the button “Details” 1.

Note: as the services need to be activated only once, the “Connection” control will not be available during the time it takes to activate the services, which may be up to 72 hours.

Data collection

For the services to work, your vehicle collects data on the vehicle’s position and its operating status.

These data may be shared with our partners and service providers.

These data are of a personal nature.

The multimedia system suggests that you activate data collection. Press “Yes” 4 to activate or “No” 3 to deactivate data collection.

Once your service activation request has been validated, when you start the multimedia system you will be asked to activate or deactivate data collection.

Select “ON” to activate or "OFF" to deactivate data collection, then press “OK” to confirm.

Temporary suspension of data collection

Vehicle data collection may be temporarily suspended.

To do this, when starting the vehicle, set data collection to “OFF”.

You may at any moment suspend data collection from the “Settings” menu, “System” tab, “Devices manager” menu, “Data” tab or by pressing the reception level icon 5 to access the “Data” menu directly.

For more information on the reception status icon 5, please see the “System settings” section.

The services will be disabled, except for the compulsory safety functions relating to the automatic emergency call in the event of an accident.

The manufacturer takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that your personal data is processed in total security.

Data protection

Data from your vehicle is processed by the manufacturer, approved distributors and other entities in the manufacturer’s group. The manufacturer’s details are available on their website and on the last page of the vehicle user manual.

Your personal data can be used to:

- obtain and check the data that the manufacturer holds concerning you;

- correct any inaccurate information;

- remove data concerning you;

- take a copy of your data to reuse it elsewhere;

- oppose the use of your data at any time;

- freeze the use of your data.

The customer is also entitled to oppose the processing of their personal data, especially if they are used for sales prospecting or profiling.

Protection of your personal data

Regardless of whether or not you decide to suspend sharing, the vehicle usage data will be forwarded to the manufacturer and the partners/subsidiaries concerned for the following purposes:

- to enable the operation and maintenance of your vehicle;

- improve the life cycle of your vehicle.

The purpose of using this data is not commercial canvassing but rather the continuous improvement of the manufacturer’s vehicles and the prevention of problems that may hinder their daily operation.

For more information, the data protection policy is available on the manufacturer’s website, for which the address is available in the vehicle user manual.

Expiry of the services

The services are activated for a limited period. Once this has elapsed, the services cease to work. To reactivate the services, please consult the paragraph entitled “Purchasing and renewing services”.

The manufacturer takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that your personal data is processed in total security.


Although this video is not specifically for your vehicle, the principle described is identical