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“Applications” menu

From the main menu, press Applications or Apps to access the following:

- the apps installed on your navigation system;

- “Photo”;

- “Video”.

Note: some services will be available free of charge for a trial period. You can extend your subscription from your vehicle or online via the website.

Pop-up menu

Use the 1 pop-up menu to:

- organise your applications by drag-and-drop;

- delete the application by pressing on the “X” delete button. If the application cannot be deleted, the delete button is not displayed;

- activate notifications;

- access the App Manager.

App Manager

Use the App Manager menu to view the 2 apps that are currently running on your multimedia system.


- the “Photo” and “Video” applications are not handled by the “App Manager”;

- applications that are running will stop as soon as the multimedia system is switched off;

- the number of applications is limited according to system storage space.

Select one of the 2 applications. From the “About” tab 5, you can access information on the application (version, creation date or expiry date, title, etc.).

You can also:

- “stop the application” 3;

- “uninstall application” 4.

From the “Memory” tab 7, you can access the following information:

- app storage size;

- Application data storage size (music, photos, etc.);

- Total app storage size.

From the 6 pop-up menu, you can erase the application data.

From the “Legal notice” tab 8 you can access permissions information, if available.