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Vehicle lending

Legal information

When you lend your vehicle, you are obliged (see the General Conditions of Sale of the connected services) to inform the person(s) to whom you are lending your vehicle that the vehicle will be connected and collecting personal information such as the vehicle’s location.

Data collection

Vehicle data collection may be temporarily suspended.

To do this, when the vehicle is started and the Security and Confidentiality window is displayed on the centre screen, select “OFF” for data collection.

The services will be disabled, except for the compulsory safety functions relating to the automatic emergency call in the event of an accident.

Reselling the vehicle

Deleting personal data

When selling your vehicle, it is essential to delete all personal information stored within the vehicle or outside it.

To do this, reset the on-board system and delete your vehicle from your “MY Renault” account.

Resetting the system

To do this, switch on your vehicle’s multimedia system.

From the main menu, press “Car info” then the “System” tab to access “General reset”.

Deleting your vehicle from your MY Renault account.

When selling on your vehicle, it is also necessary to delete your old vehicle from your “MY Renault” account.

To do this, connect to your “MY Renault” account and select “Delete vehicle”.