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“360° camera” menu


The vehicle is fitted with four cameras fitted at the front, in the side door mirrors and at the rear of the vehicle to offer you additional aid during difficult manoeuvres.

For further information, please refer to the “360° Camera” section in the vehicle user manual.

Note: Make sure that the cameras are not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow, etc.).


The system can be activated from the “Vehicle” mode by pressing the “360° Camera” menu or by engaging the reverse gear (up to approximately five seconds after another gear is engaged).

A view of the area around the rear of the vehicle is displayed in zone A of the multimedia system screen 1, accompanied by guide lines, an outline of the vehicle and sound signals.

Ultrasonic sensors installed in your vehicle “measure” the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle.

When the red zone is reached, use the bumper image to stop accurately.

A bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings is displayed in zone B on the multimedia system screen.

You can configure the “360° Camera” display using the 2 icon.

For further information, please refer to the “360° Camera” section in the vehicle user manual.

The screen represents an inverted image of the rear views.

The gauges are a representation projected onto flat ground. This information must not be taken into account when superimposed on a vertical object or an object on the ground.

Objects which appear on the edge of the screen may be deformed.

In very bright light (snow, vehicle in sunshine, etc.), the camera vision may be adversely affected.

Camera choice

You can also select the type of view to display on the screen:

- standard front/rear view and bird’s eye view 3;

- panoramic front/rear view 4;

- side views 5;

- 3D view 6.

Note: the “360° Camera” can be accessed using the “Favourites” button on the steering wheel control.


From the “360° Camera” menu, press the 2 camera settings icon. Use this menu to configure the camera:

- press 7 to activate or deactivate the moving guide lines;

- press 8 to activate or deactivate the display of the fixed guide lines;

- press 9 to activate or deactivate the display of the trailer guide lines;

- press 10 to activate or deactivate the automatic zoom;

- move the C adjustment bars to set the brightness, contrast and colours of the image.

This function is an additional aid which indicates other vehicles in the blind spot area. It can never in any case be a substitute for care nor for the driver’s responsibility while in charge of his vehicle.

The driver should always be ready for sudden incidents while driving: always ensure that there are no small, narrow moving obstacles (such as a child, animal, pushchair, bicycle, stone, post, etc.) in the blind spot when manoeuvring.