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“Air quality menu

From the “Vehicle” mode, press “Air quality”.

Use this menu to create a healthy atmosphere and air quality inside the passenger compartment, by activating the following functions:

- “Air purifier”;

- “Auto air recycling”.

“Air purifier

You can launch an air purification cycle using:

- the “Air purifier” button 3;

- the “Air purifier” button on the “Air quality” widget available from the “Navigation” mode or the “Home page”.

When the “Air purifier” button is highlighted, this indicates that the air purification cycle is in progress (approximately five minutes).

“Auto air recycling

You can activate/deactivate automatic air recirculation by pressing “Auto air recycling” 2.

Using the 1 information icon while the vehicle is stationary, you can access information on the “Air purifier” and “Auto air recycling” functions.

To return to the “Air quality” menu, press 4.