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“Ambient lighting” menu

From the “Vehicle” mode, press the “Configure” button from the “MULTI-SENSE" menu, then the “Life on board” tab followed by “Ambient lighting”.

Use this menu to set the ambient lighting in the passenger compartment:

- “Changing”;

- “Personal”.


To change the ambient colour gradually, press “Changing”.

The multimedia system automatically adjusts the ambient lighting for you in order to obtain an ambient lighting colour most suitable to the time of the day.


To change your vehicle’s ambient lighting colour, press “Personal” then the icon. Select one of the colours among those offered on the circular palette 2 by moving the 4 button.

The inner circle 3 represents the ambient colour of the multimedia screen and the instrument panel on your vehicle.

Press “OK” to confirm your choice of colour or press “Cancel” to discard the colour selected.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments while the vehicle is stationary.

“Light intensity”

You can control the intensity of the ambient lighting.

From the “Vehicle” mode, press the “Configure” button from the “MULTI-SENSE" menu, then the "On-board experience" tab followed by “Light intensity”.

Move the cursor 5 on the light brightness bar to adjust the brightness of the ambient lighting.

Note: the ambient lighting brightness is stored and associated with the vehicle day or night mode as set when adjusted.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.