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From the “Audio” mode 1, press 2 to select the music source to listen to.

The music sources may vary according to the equipment level. Only the sources that are available are displayed and can be selected on the multimedia screen.


- depending on the audio streaming application used, the display and controls may change;

- some formats may not be recognised by the system;

- the USB drive must be FAT32 or NTFS formatted and have a minimum capacity of 8 GB and a maximum capacity of 64 GB.

“Sources” menu

From the “Sources” menu 2, you can select music from the various sources available.

Select an input source connected to the multimedia system from the following list:

- “Radio”;

- “USB” (USB port);

- “Bluetooth® audio”;

- “Podcasts”;

- “CarPlay™”;

- “Android Auto™”;

- audio streaming app;


The music sources may vary according to the equipment level.

Note: other media sources can be installed via “Play Store™” and will appear in the list of available sources. For more information on installing applications, please refer to the section on “Managing applications”.

You can change the music using the button on the steering column control.

Play mode

A Information on the audio track currently playing (song title, artist name, album title and visual of the cover, if transferred from the source).

1 Access the “Audio” mode.

3 Access the current playlist;

4 Length of the audio track playing.

5 Activate/deactivate repeat of the track or playlist.

6 Play the next audio track.

7 Pause/resume the audio track.

8 Short press: return to the start of the current audio track.

Second short press (less than 3 seconds after the first short press): play the preceding audio track.

9 Activate/deactivate random playback of the audio tracks.

10 Current audio track playback time.

11 Currently playing audio track progress bar.

12 Return to list mode with mini player.


- you can choose to display the music playing in full screen A or in the mini player 17;

- depending on the phone and streaming music application, certain functions may not be available.

Bluetooth® audio”, “USB” and audio streaming app

From the “Bluetooth®”, “USB” audio source or the streaming music application, you can access playlists by category:

- “Songs” 13;

- “Albums” 14;

- “Artists” 15;

- “Playlists” 16.

The currently playing track is displayed in the mini player 17. Press this area to display the currently playing track in play mode.


By pressing the “Search” icon 19 that is available on each “Sources” screen in the “Audio” mode, you can search for:

- a track title;

- an album;

- an artist;

- a playlist;

- a radio station;


From the 20 search area, enter the name using the B keypad.

As soon as you enter the first letters, the multimedia system suggests associated names.

Select the name from the list of suggestions.

“Audio settings”

From the 18 icon, you can adjust the audio settings.

For further information on the available settings, see the section on “Audio settings”.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments while the vehicle is stationary.

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