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Notification centre

The notification centre provides notifications during driving as well as certain functions, suggestions and settings such as:

- access to the user “Profile” 3;

- the list of notifications received C;

- the “Settings” 4;

- activate/deactivate the sound;

- “Data sharing”;

- recently used apps;

- the status of services B;


Use the 1 button or quickly swipe the multimedia screen from the A area to the centre of the screen to open the notification centre which enables you to access available notifications and functions at any time.

When an unread notification is available, a 2 symbol will appear in the middle of the 1 button.

By pressing 2, you will automatically open the notification centre and be able to read any unread notifications, then the symbol will disappear.

Once the notification centre is open, select a notification from the C list to access it.

You can delete the notification by performing a quick swipe on the screen.

To delete all notifications, press the 5 button.

Note: some notifications will need a required action in order to be deleted from the notification centre.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.

Notification settings

Use the 4 “Settings” icon or the “Vehicle” mode to bring up the “Settings” menu, then you can access the “Apps and notifications” menu.

Use this menu to configure the multimedia system notifications.

For more information on the “Apps and notifications” menu, please refer to the “System settings” section.

Proactive recommendations

The “Proactive recommendations” function informs you by notification that a “MULTI-SENSE” mode more adapted to your current driving style is available.

The multimedia system suggests the following options:

- “Yes”;

- “No”;

- “Always no”.

From the “Settings” icon 4 or the “Vehicle” World, access the “Settings” menu, then the “Apps and notifications” menu followed by the “Proactive recommendations”.

This menu can be used to configure the proactive recommendation notifications on the multimedia system.

Note: you must activate data sharing in order to use the “Proactive recommendations” function. For more information please refer to the section on “Activating services”.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.