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“Rear-view camera” menu

When the reverse gear is engaged, the reversing camera located at the rear of the vehicle is activated in order to transmit the view behind the vehicle to the multimedia screen.

When the reversing camera is displayed on the multimedia system screen, you can access the settings by pressing the 1 icon.

For further information on the reversing camera, please see your owner’s handbook.


- make sure that the cameras are not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow, etc.);

- the reversing camera display is no longer available (it is replaced by a black screen) when the vehicle speed is above approximately 6 mph (10 km/h), depending on the local legislation.

“Guide lines”

You can activate or deactivate:

- the moving guide lines 5 indicate the vehicle’s trajectory according to the steering wheel position;

- the moving guide lines 6 indicating the distance behind the vehicle;

- the trailer’s moving guide lines 7 indicating the trailer’s trajectory according to the steering wheel position.

“Image settings”

You can adjust the following settings:

- brightness 2;

- contrast 3;

- colour 4.

“Auto zoom”

(depending on equipment)

You can activate or deactivate “Auto zoom” 8.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments while the vehicle is stationary.