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Technical assistance

In the event of a breakdown, from the “Applications” mode, select the Approved Dealer’s assistance app to access breakdown assistance or vehicle maintenance by phone.


- some apps are only available by subscription. For further information, please contact an Authorised Dealer;

- breakdown assistance by phone is sent directly from your vehicle multimedia system and does not require a telephone connected to the multimedia system.


Use the Approved Dealer’s assistance app to access a call centre and receive assistance in getting your vehicle repaired or serviced in the event of a breakdown.

Press 1 to call the repair or maintenance assistance for your vehicle in the event of a breakdown.

During a call, some functions of your multimedia system are no longer accessible:

- adjusting the volume of the other audio sources;

- placing call on hold;

- transferring the call to your telephone;

- calling from your phone.

Following your call, the operator will send, via the multimedia system, a list of POIs POI (points of interest) around your location that correspond to your technical issue(s).

Note: some breakdown services must be paid for. For more information, please consult your insurance provider or authorised dealer.