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FRONT SEATS: functions

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A number of seat functions are available from the multifunction screen, depending on the vehicle.

On equipped vehicles, the switch 1 provides direct access to the “Seats” menu on the multimedia screen.

Massage seats

You can activate the “Massage” function on the driver’s seat or the front passenger seat.

With the ignition on, from the multimedia screen select “Vehicle” 2, “Seats” world, then “Massage”.

Browse menu “Driver” or “Passenger” to:

- select the massage type (“Lumbar”, “Relaxing”, “Dynamic”);

- adjust the intensity;

- activate/deactivate the massage seat.

Pressing and holding the switch 1 of the desired seat activates the “Massage” function directly according to the settings defined.


Refer to the multimedia instructions for information on accessing the settings.

You can activate or deactivate the following elements:

- easy driver/passenger access;

- visual feedback of current movement.

Note: if the user profile is “Guest”, the automatic adjustment functions will not be available.

Easy driver/passenger access

When this function is activated, the seat automatically moves back when the driver and/or passenger leaves the vehicle, and returns to its position the next time the vehicle starts.


- deactivate this function when fitting a child seat in the front passenger seat;

- the function is deactivated if one of the adjustment buttons is pressed while the seat is moving.


It is possible to save the driving position for the driver’s seat and/or passenger seat.

The driving position includes the settings for the seat base and seatback as well as the door mirrors.

The driving position can be stored and recalled by pressing the buttons:

- by changing the user profile;

- by pressing the “Recall” button for the driver’s seat;

- by pressing the 6 buttons for the passenger seat.

Storing your driving position

- Adjust the driver seat using switches 34 and 5 (refer to previous page);

- adjust the door mirrors.

Refer to the multimedia instructions for information on accessing the stored driving position.

The positions of the exterior rear view mirrors when driving forwards, in reverse and of the driver seat are saved.

Recalling the driving position

For more information on storing the driving position, please refer to the multimedia instructions.

Note: recall of the stored driving position is interrupted if one of the seat adjustment buttons is pressed during recall.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is stationary.