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Brake fluid

The level control should be read with the vehicle on level ground. This should be checked frequently, and immediately if you notice even the slightest loss in braking efficiency.

Accessing the brake fluid reservoir

Unclip the upper bar 2 of the bonnet before moving your hand in 1.

Topping up

After any operation on the hydraulic circuit, a specialist must replace the fluid.

Only use fluids approved by our Technical Department (and taken from a sealed container).

Replacement intervals

Refer to the Maintenance Document for your vehicle.

Level 3

It is normal for the level to drop as the linings become worn, but it should never drop below the MIN line.

If you wish to check the disc wear yourself, you should obtain the document explaining the checking procedure from our network or from the manufacturer’s website.

Consult your approved dealer at once if you notice an abnormal or repeated drop in any of the fluid levels.

Windscreen washer reservoir

Topping up

Open flap 5.

Open cap 4 and fill until you see the liquid. Then close the cap.


Special windscreen washer fluid (product with antifreeze in winter).


Use a pointed tool to adjust the height of the windscreen washer jets.