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“MY Renaultˮ is an application that can be downloaded using your smartphone. It enables you to interact with your vehicle and obtain information such as:

- your vehicle’s condition;

- the place where your vehicle is parked;

- send a destination previously defined on the application etc.

Note: the services must be activated in order to access remote control of the vehicle. Please see the section entitled “Activating services”.

Z.E. connected services in “MY Renault

For electric vehicles

You can benefit from the Z.E. connected services in your “MY Renault” application.

From inside the vehicle, this application allows you to:

- check the battery level and charging status;

- plan a route, identifying the recharging terminals along your route;

- find available recharging terminals nearby;

- launch the air conditioning or heating system;


From outside the vehicle, this application allows you to:

- check the battery level and charging status;

- programme charging (start charging, end of charge and/or issues encountered);

- plan a route;

- precondition the passenger compartment;


Note: the charging, air conditioning and heating programming functions are only available on certain vehicles. For further information, please contact an Authorised Dealer of brand.

When you use the “MY Renault” application, the transfer of cellular data required for it to operate may lead to additional costs not included in your phone plan.

From your mobile app you can:

- check the status of your battery;

- programme charging;

- find available recharging terminals nearby;

- and many other services...

Depending on the vehicle, some information is not available.

Note: the “MY Renault” application is under constant development. Log-in regularly to enhance your account with new features.


- for more information on compatible telephones, contact an authorised dealer or visit https://

- For further information, contact an approved dealer or view the Renault Connect package at

The screens shown in the user manual are for illustration only and may vary according to the brand and model of your telephone.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.

Downloading and installing the “MY Renault” application on your smartphone

To download the “MY Renault” application, you need:

- to open the application download platform on your smartphone;

- to search for the “MY Renault” application from the search bar of the application download platform on your smartphone;

- to click on “Download” once the “MY Renault” application has been found.

Once the download is complete, a new icon, “MY Renault”, appears on your smartphone. The “MY Renault” application is installed on your smartphone.

Note: if you do not have a “MY Renault” account, refer to the information below on creating an account.

Creating a user account with the “MY Renault” application.

To use the “MY Renault” application, you need to create a user account. To do this:

- open the “MY Renault” application on your smartphone;

- Select “Join” from the main menu of the application;

- complete the fields with the information required for creating your account then confirm by selecting “Join” at the bottom of the screen.

A confirmation message appears on the screen on your smartphone confirming the creation of the account. A confirmation e-mail has been sent to you via the e-mail address you have provided.

Confirm and activate your account by clicking on the link displayed in the e-mail confirming the creation of your “MY Renault” account.

Note: if an error message appears on the screen on your smartphone, make sure that you have correctly completed the fields with the information required.

Synchronise your MY Renault account with your vehicle

To use this application, your smartphone must be paired to your multimedia system. For more information, see the “Pairing, unpairing a telephone” section.

In order to use the “MY Renault” application and interact with your vehicle, you must synchronise the “MY Renault” application with your vehicle.

Note: the services on your vehicle must have been previously activated. Please see the section on “Activating services”.

From the “MY Renault” application:

- log in to your account;

- press “Synchronise my vehicle”;

- click on the “Synchronise” button to begin pairing your app with your vehicle;

- your “MY Renault” app will then guide you through all the stages.

Once your vehicle has been added, the application will automatically suggest that you synchronise with it. You can carry out this operation at any time.

Allow the application to guide you through the various stages of synchronisation.


- if you want to synchronise the “MY Renault” app with your vehicle, you must be present in your vehicle with the multimedia system switched on and parked in an area with network coverage;

- if your “MY Renault” app is not synchronised with your vehicle, you will not be able to access your service contracts.


Although this video is not specifically for your vehicle, the principle described is identical