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“Seats” menu

From the “Vehicle” mode, press “Seats” to access the functions and settings for the “Driver” and “Passenger” seats in your vehicle:

- “Massage”;

- “Seat Easy access”;

- “Visual feedback”;

- “Save”;

- “Recall”.

You can also access the “Seats” menu directly by pressing the switch on the seat. To start the massage function, press and hold.

For more information on the seat controls, please refer to the “Front seats with electric controls” section in your vehicle user manual.

To select the “Driver” or “Passenger” seat:

- press tab A or B;

- quickly slide the multimedia screen sideways to move from one seat to another.


From the “Driver” or “Passenger” tabs, you can select from a list of massage programmes:

- “Lumbar”;

- “Relaxing”;

- “Dynamic”.

Move the cursor on the “Intensity” bar to adjust the “Intensity” of the massage.

“Seat Easy access”

When it is activated, the seat goes backwards automatically as the driver and/or passenger gets out of the vehicle, and returns to its position when the driver and/or passenger gets back in the vehicle.

“Visual feedback”

If this function is activated, a pop-up settings window is displayed on the screen when the driver or passenger adjusts the position of their seat.


This function stores the positions of the front seats.

From the “Seats” menu:

- select the “Driver” or “Passenger” seat;

- adjust the seat position using the switches on the seat;

- press “Save” to store the current position.

Using the adjustment controls for the seat concerned:

- adjust the seat position using the switches on the seat;

- after a few seconds, a message is displayed on the multimedia screen offering to store the new position;

- press “Save” to store the current position or “Do not save” not to.

Note: depending on the vehicle, the positions of the door mirrors, the steering column and the head-up display are stored with the seat positions.

Please refer to the vehicle user manual for further information.


When the vehicle is stationary, you can recall the position of the stored seat:

- For the driver’s seat: press “Recall”.

- For the passenger’s seat: select the stored “Seat position” desired, then press “Recall”.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.